Unlock words with phonics, read confidently, sentence by sentence mastery.

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Once your child understands that letters make sounds, you can start introducing Learning to Read - Book 1. This interactive teaching guide is meant to be experienced together. It will take you step-by-step through the process of working with your child to learn the mechanics of reading with a phonics-based system in a sequence that makes sense.

Here's what you get in this book:

  • We start with three letters and sounds.

  • What the child learns is in the yellow box.

  • What the parent says and teaches is in the blue box.

  • First, we add one or two letters and sounds at a time to start blending words.

  • This book is very consistent - letters have only one sound, and all vowels are short.

  • First we learn to read words, then we learn to combine words to read sentences.

  • We also include some reading activities to reinforce learning as we go along.

  • We follow two stories - the cat story and the pup story, and build on what we’ve learned.

  • We have included some writing pages in the back so your child can practice writing.

  • You’ll also get video support to help empower you to teach your child yourself.

Sample Pages

Your information is safe with us and will not be shared!

What Our Parents Are Saying About Us

My daughter is learning skills she will use when she

starts learning to read all while we are having fun together.


My son loves the activities and stories. He is engaged and excited to learn

and the feeling of success that he gets motivates him to keep going!


We now have an awareness of what to do, so we make

every activity a learning opportunity.