Master blends, conquer tricky words, read fluently with sequential stories.

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This book builds on reading complexity with words and passages, but is introduced in a way that is pattern-based so reading continues to be very consistent.  We do introduce a few exceptions so the child can get used to some of the anomalies of reading.

Here's what you get in this book:

  • As we move through the book, the fonts get smaller and the stories get longer.

  • There are activities for practicing words in addition to reading.

  • Parents are provided the instructions on what’s new coming up so you can be empowered with the knowledge you need to confidently teach your child.

  • video support for training you how to do it.

Sample Pages

Your information is safe with us and will not be shared!

What Our Parents Are Saying About Us

My daughter is learning skills she will use when she

starts learning to read all while we are having fun together.


My son loves the activities and stories. He is engaged and excited to learn

and the feeling of success that he gets motivates him to keep going!


We now have an awareness of what to do, so we make

every activity a learning opportunity.