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3 Legged Reading Stool

"Embark on a literacy journey! Uncover the ABCs of reading with vital skills: vocabulary, letter recognition, and phonological awareness. Empower learners for a lifelong reading adventure. πŸ“–πŸš€"

Reading Fever

πŸ“š"Unlock the Power of Reading with Reading Fever"🌟

Embark on an exciting adventure of literacy with our comprehensive, step-by-step "Learning To Read" Course that incorporates the most important foundational skills needed for a child to learn to read using a language-rich, phonics-based approach – a curated collection designed to ignite your child's love for reading. Why settle for the ordinary when you can give your little one an extraordinary reading experience?

What's Inside the Bundle:🌟

Ready to Read Checklist


Ready to Read Ebook


Jangles, Jingles, and Jiggles $89

Learning the Alphabet


Learning to Read Book One


Learning to Read Book Two


Picture Cards


πŸŽ‰ Why Choose the Bundle? Save $96! πŸŽ‰

If each piece is purchased separately,

the total cost for all 7 is $393

When you opt for our all-inclusive bundle, you not only provide your child with an engaging learning experience but also enjoy substantial savings! The individual pieces total $393, but our exclusive bundle is priced at just $297 -that's a fantastic $96 saved for you!

🌟 Benefits of the "Learning To Read" Course:

  • Interactive Curriculum: Cover aspects of reading with a thoughtfully full curriculum.

  • Confidence Building: Become knowledgeable about the process of teaching the foundational skills of reading to your child so you can both be confident in the result.

  • Seamless Progression: Each component stands on its own, but all components overlap and build in complexity to create a strong foundation for reading success.

  • Joy of Learning: Make the interactive β€œLearning to Read” experience engaging and exciting with our colorful, easy-to-use materials.

πŸš€ Ignite the Spark for a Lifelong Love of Reading!

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to set your child on the path to becoming a confident and passionate reader. Invest in the "Learning To Read" Course today and witness the magic of literacy unfold!

πŸ›’ Embark on a reading adventure like never before! πŸ“–βœ¨



Excel in guiding young minds with our expert Study Guide! Empower parents with effective strategies for a successful and enriching learning journey.

Unlock reading success with our comprehensive Action Planning Templates! Empower parents to guide their child's learning journey with ease and joy.

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"Unlock the journey to literacy!

Download our Ready-to-Read Checklist.

The key to nurturing reading skills in your child!"

$6 Digital Ebook


$27 Ready To Read eBook


$89 Spiral-bound Guidebook


$49 Practice book


$99 Interactive Workbook


$99 Interactive Workbook


$24 Heavy Cardstock Sheets


"Unlock Reading Mastery Together:

Your Comprehensive Guide to Nurturing Literacy

and Empowering Your Child's Learning Journey!"

This program is effective for struggling readers too!

What Our Friends Say About Reading Fever


My daughter is learning skills she will use when she starts

learning to read all while we are having fun together.


My son loves the activities and stories. He is engaged and excited to learn and the feeling of success that he gets motivates him to keep going!


We now have an awareness of what to do, so we make every activity a learning opportunity.


Meet Deanne

Retired principal and an educator for over 40 years!

A phonics-based reading program will effectively teach 95% of learners to read.

"Unlock Reading Success: Empower Your Child's Success Journey!"

A proven path to reading success!

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